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Hunter Vision

From zero to annual revenues of $6,000,000 in five years.


Hunter Vision is a world-class, specialty vision correction practice in Orlando, FL. Dr. Joel Hunter and Dr. Barret Eubanks specialize in surgical vision correction. Dr. Justine Siergey specializes in non-surgical vision correction and eye health.

Annual Laser Surgical correction patient volume at Hunter Vision is now among the top 5% in the United States. As an “elective only” practice it does not take vision or health insurance. All patients are self-pay. Patient volumes rely solely on marketing and goodwill.

Hunter Vision is now a national destination for LASIK, ICL and RLE, and cataract surgery. Patients often fly to Orlando for Dr. Hunter and Dr. Eubanks to perform their procedures.


Start a Refractive Surgery Practice from scratch with the youngest refractive surgeon in America, $1.4 million in startup debt, and no revenue; without taking insurance.


Achieve revenues of $5 million and surgical volume in the top 10% of all refractive surgery specialty practices in 5 years.


Starting from scratch

We start with our own medical practice. Ten years ago we began testing our now proven process. We believed it would work, but our theories were not tested.

Ten years later, we know it works. Let’s take a look at our start-up through the story of the numbers. Growth is not linear, especially for entrepreneurs.

Year-over-year growth (from opening day)


The role of Viridian Blue Consulting

Patient Experience

Designed and implemented the perfect patient experience, including team training.

Business Structure

Designed and implemented business structure using the core 6 framework.


Set weekly goals and review meetings to ensure success.


Created a work environment allowing expert physicians to spend 90% of their time in clinic or surgery.

Final Outcome

Hunter Vision continues to grow from its relationship with Viridian Blue Consulting. Systems and processes tested and perfected while achieving stated revenue and patient volume goals - and now 3 expert physicians that only need to concern themselves with great patient outcomes.

Joel Hunter, MD

"The Viridian team built the practice and made it fly; All I needed to do was the surgery I trained for."

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