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Viridian Blue Consulting: Our Story


Joel and Josh Hunter in the planning stages of Hunter Vision

2010, on the heels of The Great Recession

My brother was a 28-year-old refractive surgeon, just out of fellowship. He and I committed to building a new practice together, from scratch. The agreement was as follows:

He takes care of patients. I take care of everything else.

It’s an elective procedure only medical practice - no insurance patients to rely on for stability. Oh, and my brother? He was the youngest refractive surgeon in the country. Yes, he skipped a lot of grades.

We were told we were crazy and on the short track to financial disaster. People weren’t spending money on LASIK and no one was loaning any money to anyone for anything, let alone a start-up.

But, so what. We were just stubborn enough to ignore the hater-ade.

Shortly before opening, I realized I needed help and could not carry the company alone. I hired a friend with an amazing work ethic and steel resolve. She took a huge pay cut, and joined our small team on the promise I made to, “make it worth it for her” if we could make this crazy idea go.

We found just enough money to open the doors and we knew we’d be out of cash by the end of month one. So. We did what you do when you open a business from scratch: We hustled and got to month two.

That was 9 years ago. We’re still here. The practice is one of the highest volume refractive surgery destinations in the country. That friend? She is now an equal business partner with my brother and me. She says it was worth the leap.

There were a lot of bumps along the way. But, we discovered something incredibly powerful during the journey:

Service companies run incredibly well when the expert is free to do the thing they are trained to do.

It worked because we made it our mission to build the Core 6 framework to give the expert the freedom to do his expert things.

So, we did it again to test our theory. This time with an existing, fledgling IT company. Guess what? It poured gasoline on the growth because the IT wizard had time to be an IT wizard.

And then we did it again. With a startup marketing company and a marketing expert. Same result.

Now there are more in the queue and we’re doing what we love.

Every day we meet other experts (doctors, architects, engineers, artists, consultants etc.) who are struggling or stuck in their business.

They are fighting the battle my brother would be fighting if he didn’t have us. He trained for 12 years to have world-class micro-surgery skills to fix vision. Not one of those years was spent training to create efficient process, systems, management skills, accounting, marketing… and the list goes on.

We elevate awesomely skilled people out of the “to-do lists” and deploy the resources of our growing base of service companies to provide solutions for entrepreneurs and highly skilled employees.

Viridian Blue Consulting exists to do the same for you. Our proven formula of fundamental business processes and techniques guide expert-centric companies to sustainable profitability. It’s not magic. It’s data, mixed with a bit of art and a love for people.

You don’t have to grind through every day doing the things someone else can. You are most valuable when you are doing the things only you can do.


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